I teach systems thinking, digital strategy and IT for good at an undergraduate level and decision making in a complex world at an executive level.

I have designed several systems thinking courses and tools, including the “LOOPS, tackling world complexity” learning activity. Students work in groups on a complex problem of sustainability that they identify from the news. They model the issue, validate their understanding with domain experts and use systems thinking to identify leverage points to act with impact. LOOPS received a quality label from the French association of management schools (FNEGE) in 2021.

You can visit the LOOPS mini-site here.

LOOPS : a two-week systems thinking activity to model and act on UN SDGs

I also designed and produced a 4-week free, open online course (MOOC) on complexity thinking. It takes a hands-on approach to studying and modeling everyday complexity using examples and exercises from the online news. You can watch the trailer here.

A four-week online class to “think complexity”