Green IT workshop

Our digital technologies impact the world around us in ways we often never imagined. They contribute to climate change, resource depletion, biodiversity loss and social inequalities. Citizens, businesses, and policymakers can today take a range of actions to limit these impacts.

I am certified by the Institut du Numérique Responsable and the Fresque du Numérique association.

The digital collage
An example of a decorated online collage

A fun, three-hour workshop built around the “digital collage” card game to discover the impacts of digital technologies on the environment. The workshop follows the principles of collective intelligence, and is broken down into three phases: understanding, creativity, action. Participants in my workshops have qualified them as “lively” “instructive” and “passionate”.

The workshop is best run with 5 to 16 participants, lasts for 3 hours and can be run online or offline. A shorter format is possible (e.g., lunchtime).

45-minute lunchtime webinar

No time for a half-day workshop? I also run short (45 minute) interactive webinars to introduce participants to the impacts of IT on the environment, to the principles of sustainable and responsible IT, and to the actions that can be taken to limit their personal and professional digital environmental footprint.